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Bitcoin Bull or Bear Market? (The Easiest Way To Know)

 New traders and investors tend to get confused when guessing if bitcoin's price is going up or down in the near future… So in this video, I'm going to show you the EASIEST way to know if bitcoin is in a bull market or bear market. In other words, do we expect the price […]

How I’m Decentralizing My Content (YouTube Censorship Fallout)

Last month, YouTube took down most of my videos along with dozens of other crypto channels… And after 5 days without a response, I decided I was no longer going to trust or rely on YouTube to do the right thing. They've been aggressively censoring videos that mention anything remotely controversial, and have shown they […]

.Crypto Wallets & Decentralized Websites Have Arrived!

 I am a lover of liberty, freedom of speech, and decentralizing power… And a decentralized web helps give the power back to repressed journalists, content creators, and people that want more control over their web properties. So today I'm talking with Brad Kam, the co-founder of unstoppable domains. Today they launched the brand new […]

The 12 Investments In My Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio (Part 1)

 In this new video series called “My Portfolio”, I'm going to show you the different asset classes I'm invested in and why I'm holding those positions. Why am I doing this? Well, over the past 15+ years I've made a LOT of mistakes… And my goal is to help you learn these lessons the […]

We’re Bringing Bitcoin Mining To An Iconic Ghost Town

 Cerro Gordo sits at 8,500 feet elevation between the highest point in the U.S. (Mount Whitney) and the lowest elevation (Death Valley). In the 1800s, the town's mine extracted about $500 million worth of silver and is responsible for much of Los Angeles's success today. Last year, my friend Brent and his business partner […]

How Crypto Trader Leanne Created Her Dream Lifestyle ln Bali

 I recently sat down with one of my crypto trading students, Leanne, who's been actively trading for about 3 years. We talk about how she quit her job as a teacher to become an entrepreneur in Bali, and how Bitcoin has helped her developed a dream life. Her story is inspiring because she took […]

Is Bitcoin The Perfect Asset For Institutional Investors?

 Today I sat down with former hedge fund investor Travis Devitt to talk about why he thinks Bitcoin is the perfect asset for big investors. He explains why bitcoin might be the “holy grail” that investors have been searching for, and why the largest hedge funds might be quietly accumulating bitcoin.  In today’s episode, […]

How To Recession-Proof Your Portfolio (My 2020 Investing Plan)

If you've been paying attention to the markets, you know everybody is talking about the possibility of a recession on the horizon… And in today's episode, I want to talk about some ways you can recession-proof your portfolio in case a recession does hit. I'll also cover my personal investing plan for 2020 and beyond. […]

Ryan Holiday – How To Live a Wealthy Life

 Ryan Holiday is a bestselling author many times over, a Stoic thought-leader for our generation, and all around brilliant guy. In this episode, we talk about what it means to live a truly wealthy life, and how to program your mind to overcome obstacles, eliminate negative thinking, and conquer your challenges. In today's episode, […]