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Crypto Bear Market Analysis (And My 5 Plans For 2019)

 In today's episode, I'm talking about my thoughts on this crypto bear market, the future of crypto, and 5 plans I have for 2019… Like I said in my last market update video in August, I wasn't convinced that this bear market was over and I expected things to get a lot uglier before […]

3 Keys For Effective Investing & Trading

 My approaches to trading and investing have changed a lot over the years. For example, I used to be a stressed-out day trader who ended up with high blood pressure in my 20's due to a sedentary lifestyle and my constant obsessing about the markets… But the past five years have been WAY more […]

This Is Better Than Day Trading

 According to the University of California, over 99% of day traders lose money… And despite people losing money, some traders will continue to lose for a DECADE before calling it quits. So in this episode, I'm going to talk about WHY that's the case, and the 5 steps you can use that are much […]

How I’m Investing Right Now

 I recently got back from the Cayman Islands where we hosted crypto investors, traders, and entrepreneurs from about 20 countries… And it was really awesome for me to see how the new crypto-economy has helped people make life-changing amounts of money. So far this year, crypto has been consolidating in the 5th phase of […]

Security Tokens: The Next Big Crypto Boom or Just Hype?

 Over the past several months, the idea of security tokens has been growing momentum in the crypto community… So in this episode, we're going to define what security tokens are, how to launch an STO, and why I think most assets will be tokenized and traded via security tokens exchanges. In this episode you’ll […]

Why Financial Market Prices REALLY Go Up & Down

 If you want to make better trading and investing decisions, then you first need to understand the REAL driving forces that cause prices to go up and down. This applies to everyone from stock market day traders, cryptocurrency swing traders, and long-term investors in ANY asset class. There are a lot of misconceptions about […]


 I recently sat down with Carter Thomas during the Consensus blockchain conference in NYC… And we talked about some of the common questions, trends, and 2018 predictions in the cryptocurrency markets. There's a ton of changes happening right now, so we wanted to talk about some of the things we're most excited about and hopefully help […]

How Blockchain Is Changing Everything – With Tim Draper

 Over the past couple of months, I've been traveling and meeting with entrepreneurs and investors… And have made several new investments in startup angel rounds. Last week I was at Tim Draper's office where he was hosting his first blockchain conference focused on teaching big corporations how to integrate blockchain technology into their existing businesses. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Trade For Income (Do These 5 Steps Instead)

The idea of trading financial markets full-time for a living is sexy. Wake up, grab some coffee, stumble into your home office, trade for a couple hours… And MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EVERY DAY! That sounds awesome, except in reality trading doesn't work that way… Not even close. If you think you can create a […]