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Big Changes… Let’s Get Real

I've been on YouTube for 8 years… And up to this point, I've published infrequent videos about everything from day trading, travel vlogs, bitcoin, book reviews, and interviews. But as of today, I'm making some big changes… It's time to get real. The truth is that looking back over my past videos, I've been very […]

My Top 3 Places To Find Products To Flip Online

Over the past month I've been doing a lot of testing flipping physical products… Ever since setting up our reselling business, I've tested everything from garage sales, thrift stores, auctions, wholesalers, private label products from China, and sourcing from U.S. manufacturers. It's been a very exciting learning experience with some solid results so far. The […]

3 Steps To Quickly Grow Your Investing Capital From Zero With Reselling

The top question that I get every single day is, “How can I quickly grow my trading capital?” Everyone wants to be the one-in-a-million that turns $1,000 into millions trading the financial markets, but the reality is that it's extremely difficult to turn a very small amount of money into millions. And since over 90% […]

My Reselling Results After One Week | CDTV 005

There are so many different ways to make money “trading”. You can trade the financial markets online… You can “trade” real estate by fixing and flipping (I just put one of my flips under contract to sell)… Or you can resell physical products by selling on eBay, Amazon, or to other resellers. And I'm a […]

How Cryptocurrency Is Changing Finance in Latin America with Ira Miller and Cindy Zimmerman

Last month I went down to Central America to investigate the hyperinflation and starvation in Venezuela. During my time in Panama City, I spent several days meeting with entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency space. Right before my flight home, I was able to coordinate an interview with early Bitcoin adopters and entrepreneurs, Ira Miller and Cindy […]

New Office & Cash Flow Business | CDTV 004

This past week has been a wild one! We moved into our new office, set up a really nice video studio, then spent a week with Ryan Roots who showed us how to build a cash flow business income stream. In our first week, we got about $3k in profitable products, and set up relationships […]

How Ryan Created a $27,000 Monthly Income with this Overlooked “Arbitrage” Strategy

Ryan Roots is a serial entrepreneur. After selling his business with 30 employees, he was looking to generate extra income. One Saturday morning he took $100 to see if he could use an overlooked, but time-tested “arbitrage strategy” to see if he could make money. In 3 days he made $400 in profit with the […]