Bitcoin Fundamental Analysis Mini-Course

In this video series, you’re going to learn all about bitcoin fundamental analysis.

We’ll first dive into the basics of “token economics”, then go deeper into looking at growth metrics, valuation models, market timing tools, and off-chain fundamental factors that impact the price and growth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Part 1 – Token Economics

This first video is going to show you how to determine what bitcoin is worth to YOU to help you decide how much you want to invest in bitcoin.

You’ll learn about metrics related to its supply, value, on-chain activity, exchanges, mining, and more!

Part 2 – Growth Metrics To Watch

In part 2 of this video series about bitcoin fundamental analysis, we’re taking a look at the “growth metrics” you can use to see if bitcoin is currently growing or contracting.

Part 3 – Bitcoin Valuation Models

In video 3 we’re taking a look at the different valuation models we can use to find bitcoin’s value now and in the future.

So far we’ve covered the basics of bitcoin’s fundamental analysis and how to measure it’s growth…

And now it’s time to dig into the fun stuff that can really help you understand where bitcoin is today and where it could grow to in the future.

In the next video we’ll dive into market timing tools – my favorite topic!

Part 4 – Market Timing Tools

Do you want to know when the market is signaling that it's time to BUY and SELL?

Well in this video we're covering a dozen fundamental indicators that can help you gain confidence in market timing.

Part 5 – Off-Chain Factors

Now that you know all the on-chain fundamental metrics that impact bitcoin, it's time to learn all about the off-chain factors.

About The Author

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