Pioneering On-Chain Bitcoin Analysis With Willy Woo

Willy Woo (aka @woonomic) is a crypto OG who has been pioneering on-chain bitcoin fundamental analysis. 

His charts and tools have been a must-have for serious bitcoin traders and investors. 

In this interview, Chris and Willy explore some of their favorite forms of fundamental analysis for cryptocurrencies and talk about the future of bitcoin. 

Since bitcoin is continuing to grow exponentially, this on-chain analysis episode is a must for anyone that wants to better understand how to time major pivot point’s in bitcoin’s price. 

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About The Author

Chris Dunn is the founder of Skill Incubator. He is an active investor and entrepreneur with the mission of helping people learn Skills to thrive in today's economy. Chris spends his time testing and building multiple streams of income and investing the profits. Read more here.