10 Tips for Packing Smart so You Can Travel the World Like a Pro

Pack Light

If you ask an American what they'd do if money and time weren't an issue, they'd likely tell you they want to travel the world. Unfortunately, the U.S. has one of the lowest average vacation days, which means people typically end up spending their few precious vacation days on something like an obnoxious cruise ship. We're told that the “ideal vacation” is being herded through fried buffets, drinking bad beer, and dancing the Cha-Cha slide. Sigh, no thanks.

Having spent half of my childhood living in Korea and Iceland, I have a real appreciation for world travel and culture. And since 2009, I've spent at least 6 months of each year traveling. My ideal type of travel is getting the “back door experience” that's off the crowded tourist path. In other words, I want to experience culture by connecting with locals, and dive into some risky adventures that I'll remember for the rest of my life.

This post is for you if you want to experience the best form of world travel and maximize your adventures. If that's you, then a big priority is to learn how to pack for mobility and flexibility. This means packing smart and leaving the massive suitcase in your closet. And if my wife can ditch her 75 pound suitcase for a single carry-on, so can you!

10 Tips for Packing Like a Pro Traveler:

1. Pack smart and light
2. Only take the essentials
3. Carry on your luggage
4. Buy high-quality gear
5. Plan ahead for weather & adventures
6. Choose the right travel backpack for you (ditch the big suitcase)
7. Remember important gear (day pack, money belt, stuff sacks, eye covers, travel towel)
8. Take multiple use clothing
9. Pack your backpack efficiently
10. Leave 20% of your pack empty

Some Important Travel Gear:

My travel backpack – Osprey Porter 65
My hiking backpack – Gregory Baltoro 75
My day pack – North Face Flyweight Collapsible pack


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