3 Keys For Effective Investing & Trading

My approaches to trading and investing have changed a lot over the years.

For example, I used to be a stressed-out day trader who ended up with high blood pressure in my 20's due to a sedentary lifestyle and my constant obsessing about the markets…

But the past five years have been WAY more relaxed.

And my investment accounts, productivity, and health have improved dramatically since making some big shifts.

Today, I have no problem waiting for months to find the perfect opportunity for my current goals, and my capital buckets have become much more diversified.

Instead of obsessing about trying to catch every move in the markets, I spend more of my time evaluating early-stage venture investments or planning multi-month swing trades in cryptocurrencies.

Also, I've put my long-term retirement investments on autopilot, and completely eliminated trading or investing in markets where I don't feel like I have a strong edge.

Over the past few months, I've been thinking a lot about my philosophy about the markets and the future of money…

And I've simplified my beliefs down to 3 keys for effective investing and trading.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose a market to trade or invest in
  • What does “favorable market conditions” mean, and how to identify them
  • Why I avoid zero-sum markets where I'm at a technological disadvantage
  • How I define my “market edge”
  • Why I break up my investing and trading into different capital buckets
  • What is a strategy, really?
  • Why I spend so much time working on my mental game
  • My mental model for finding good investments

Links & resources in this episode:

About The Author

Chris Dunn is the founder of Skill Incubator. He is an active investor and entrepreneur with the mission of helping people learn Skills to thrive in today's economy. Chris spends his time testing and building multiple streams of income and investing the profits. Read more here.