3 Lies Americans Should Stop Believing About World Travel

LIE #1. The world is a dangerous and scary place.

Unfortunately, the American media does a really good job at scaring the hell out of people. They paint a picture that everyone is “out to get us”, and we're better off staying at home. As a southern-raised American, I proclaim that nothing could be further from the truth.

I lived in Asia and Europe during part of my childhood, and have been traveling the world for the past 6 years. From my experience, I can honestly say that 99%+ of people are just like you and me. They all have the same basic wants and needs. Everybody wants to be loved, feel secure, and have a fulfilled life.

Of course there are cultural differences and the odd crazy person, but in general there is no difference in safety from Small Town, USA and most countries around the world.

If you travel smart and keep a strong situational awareness, odds are you will be safe. There are just too many awe-inspiring places in this world to stay sheltered in a “comfortable bubble” for the rest of your life.

LIE #2. Everybody Hates Americans

It's true, American foreign policies are unpopular with much of the world, but that doesn't mean that individual citizens hate you. Let me explain…

After thousands of interactions with people from across the globe, I've found most people will allow you to make your own first impression before imposing prejudices on you.

If you come off as a loud, obnoxious American, they will treat you as such. However, if you make an effort to speak their language (no matter how bad your attempt), and show an honest effort to respect their way of life, they will welcome you with open arms.

LIE #3. It's too expensive to travel the world

Traveling the world full-time costs no more than living a traditional life in America.

When I was 19 years old I build my first house and had a very comfortable corporate job. I thought I was living the American dream.

Then reality set in…

I felt alone and stuck. The big house and expensive car did absolutely nothing for me.

All I wanted was freedom… Freedom from mortgage payments, my office, and my overpriced cookie-cutter neighborhood.

I left corporate America and built multiple income streams for myself, then started to travel for extended periods of time. After comparing my “American Dream” lifestyle compared to my new “Nomadic Entrepreneur” lifestyle, I found that full-time world travel was not only affordable, but could be cheaper than sitting at home.

Live is too damn short to do something you hate! Take control of your life and make sure that everyday you wake up excited for new adventures!

I'm writing this from a cafe in Milan, Italy during a year-long #epicjourney around the world with my wife. We're on a mission to teach people how to build wealth while living their own Epic Journey.

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