The Amazon Jungle Expedition: Swimming With Piranhas and Sleeping With Tarantulas

amazon jungle trip

I'm a firm believer that life isn't about the material bullshit we acquire during our time on earth. Rather, it's about maximizing your every day experiences through new and exciting adventures. It's about taking on challenges, learning something new, and being truly fulfilled. And without sounding like a new-age hippie, really living your life according to your own design.

The Amazon Jungle is one of the most majestic, terror provoking places on earth. That's why I decided to go there. I wanted to attempt to catch a glimpse of an anaconda, piranha, jaguar, and tarantula.

Here's a compilation video to give you a glimpse of some of the craziness we got into down in the Brazilian Amazon Jungle

Palmari Nature Reserve – My Favorite Place In South America

There's nothing like getting away from the typical tourists traps that are often prepackaged, overpriced, and set up to process tourists like cattle through a slaughter house. There's just something about breaking out of our boxes and getting in touch with nature. Life is richer when you get outside and do things like trek through the Himalayan mountains or fish for piranha in the amazon.

My goal for our Amazon Jungle trip was to break away from society as far as possible. I wanted to be as disconnected as possible, and take part in local ancient traditions. And Palmari Nature Reserve come up as one of the best places to get the “true amazon experience”.

Here's a video from Palmari's Tree House that was close to 100 feet into the canopy:

Day Trading In Medellin, Colombia

Before leaving for the Amazon Jungle, some friends and I spent a few weeks in Medellin, Colomiba. There's a good reason the Wall Street Journal named Medellin as the “City Of The Year”.

Click here to see my photo album of the Medellin Penthouse and more

I decided to fly down one of my day trading students from the E-mini Trading Program. Mike Carter won the chance to spend a week a full week of training and trading with me. I'm so grateful for all the hundreds of applicants that competed to win the trip – We're already planning another one!

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