How Blockchain Is Changing Everything – With Tim Draper

Over the past couple of months, I've been traveling and meeting with entrepreneurs and investors…

And have made several new investments in startup angel rounds.

Last week I was at Tim Draper's office where he was hosting his first blockchain conference focused on teaching big corporations how to integrate blockchain technology into their existing businesses.

Tim is one of the most prominent VC's in the world, and is known as the “father of viral marketing”. He made early investments in Hotmail, Skype, and Tesla, and is currently driving innovation forward for blockchain technology. Tim recently made a bitcoin price prediction of $250,000 per coin by 2022.

During our quick chat, Tim explained his vision for how blockchain technology is going to change everything.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How governments are responding to blockchain, and which ones will survive in the future
  • Why “light touch” regulation is the best option for governments
  • What Tim looks for to make an investment in an ICO or traditional startup
  • Tim's best advice for new entrepreneurs and investors in the crypto space

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About The Author

Chris Dunn is the founder of Skill Incubator. He is an active investor and entrepreneur with the mission of helping people learn Skills to thrive in today's economy. Chris spends his time testing and building multiple streams of income and investing the profits. Read more here.