Epic Journey #1 & #2 – Florida Keys Fishing & Scuba Diving Edition

The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of insane travel, day trading, and have a blast with our friends in Florida!

My mission with Epic Journey is to show people how to build wealth, travel the world, and have a great time while doing it.  We're only 2 weeks into this year-long journey, but I'd say it's a success so far.

A few days ago, I alerted a Bitcoin short trade that made about 10% in just a couple of hours.  You can check out the chart I posted in real-time here.  Here's the video alert that I sent out as soon as I entered the trade:

Also, we went deep sea fishing and scuba diving in an attempt to soak up as much sun-and-fun  before we take off to Iceland in a couple days.

Epic Journey #1 – Leaving Austin & Deep Sea Fishing

Epic Journey #2 – Florida Keys Scuba Diving With Pirate Mike

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