How I nailed a 30%+ Trade on Bitcoin While Everyone Else Was Panicking

After begging people not to buy the all-time highs of Bitcoin prices, I nailed my prediction of a $300 crash followed by a massive 30%+ rebound.  I bought some Bitcoin after seeing the market hit my target buy zone on Saturday, December 7th.  My target was a retest of the $900 level, making a quick ~35% on the trade.  Make sure to follow me on Twitter for real-time trade ideas and training.

Then, I saw another great potential trade setting up this last Friday, December 13th.  My idea was to short from $900 down to $705, which would have been a nice ~20% gain.  Unfortunately, I don't currently have a way that I trust to short Bitcoin.  Some people have sent me recommendations, but I'm not confident in any of the solutions so far.  However, please send me anything you see via Twitter!

bitcoin trader results

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Here's a few snapshots of my latest calls on Bitcoin price movement and trade opportunities:



Here's some current market moving news topics that are affecting Bitcoin prices right now:

I'm getting dozens of messages lately with people asking, “Where should I sell my Bitcoins?”  I'm not an investment advisor, so I can't tell you what to do, but here's my typical response to people who are left “holding the bag”:

bitcoin conversation

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