How To Find Your Life Mission & Build A Global Brand With Onnit Founder, Aubrey Marcus

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Aubrey Marcus is the founder of Onnit, a globally recognized health brand.

After creating a bestselling, scientifically backed health supplement, Onnit is now starting to acquire other fitness companies.

But there’s something most people don’t know about Aubrey…

He’s the son of futures trading legend and one of the original Market Wizards, Michael Marcus.

He grew up on his father’s lap at the trading desk, helping him draw technicals on charts and organizing information from faxed newsletters.

Now he’s partnered with the UFC’s evangelist, Joe Rogan to spread their mission around the globe.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Aubrey went from a job he hated to building an Inc 500 globally recognized brand
  • The “entrepreneurial recipe” you need when starting a mission-centric business
  • How to find the right strategic business partner, and how he got Joe Rogan to be the face of Onnit
  • Why Aubrey went to the Amazon jungle 14 times to experience the “God molecule” through ayahuasca
  • Why we need to have a “mission first” mentality in business and life

“Anytime you have fear, it limits your free will. It limits your flexibility and ability to choose.”

“True wealth is the totality of everything that brings up the satisfaction of your experience.”

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