How To Invest Like a Hedge Fund (And Why Wall Street Is Screwing You)

I've been very vocal since 2008 about the “unfair advantage” that hedge funds have over traders like you and me…

Between high-frequency trading, ridiculous fees, and the systematic screwing of the little guy, Wall Street has been making money hand over fist.

Thankfully, my friend and former hedge fund manager, James Altucher is blowing the doors off the “Good-Old-Boy” Wall Street machine and showing us how to invest like the world's best investors…

Click here to check out the 2 reports and video James just put out showing you how to invest like a hedge fund

In today's economic times it's vital that you take control of your financial future instead of following the herd with a sheep mentality.

There are some good portfolio managers out there, but you'll do much better (and experience less pain) if you understand the truth about Wall Street.

As you saw in my interview with James here, he is a proven investor and entrepreneur that has his own unfair advantage.  And now he's working to help you and me compete (and win) in the stock market.

Click the images below to access the PDF reports I showed in the video:


hedge fund heist world's best investors

I rarely (if ever) recommend investing or trading products or services because most of them are garbage.  But James is a high-integrity guy with an incredible track record on Wall Street.  He's one of those guys you just need to listen to.


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