How To Profit From Current Market Insanity (And My Latest 20% Bitcoin Trade)

Wow, what an insane past week in the markets! Between the Chinese stock market bubble, Bitcoin's latest bull trend, and Greece's financial crisis, there's opportunity all over the place…

Chinese Stock Market Bubble

As you probably already know, China's Shanghai Composite Index has crashed over 30% in just a few weeks…

This doesn't come as a surprise seeing how the government has been encouraging reckless investing over the past couple of years. In fact, China's added over 4 million new traders this year alone.

To make matters worse, China's now saying they're going to prosecute short sellers! Little does China know that short selling is actually healthy for markets, because it allows market participants to find the TRUE value of a market, not some inflated price established by speculation and government intervention.

This market panic lead Chinese investors to seek safe haven in… you guest it – BITCOIN!

It's a true sign of the times when a country with over a billion people are taking a flight to safety in crypto currencies.

Bitcoin & Litecoin Recent Bull Trends

Over the past month the crypto currency markets have started to heat up again after consolidating for the last quarter.

On June 29th I sent a trade alert to Bitcoin Trading Academy students for a breakout trade around $250. Today I just closed the trade around $310 for a ~20% gain.

bitcoin trend

In the video above, Rocky (our resident crypto expert at Daily Trading Profits) talks about what caused the latest pump and dump in Litecoin, and how he made about 30% in two days trading Litecoin.

He also wrote this article about the latest Ponzi scheme in Litecoin that may have contributed to the recent 45% single day crash.

U.S. Stock & Futures Pulling Back

Thanks to fear around the China market crash and Greece's financial crisis, U.S. stocks have been pulling back off their all-time-highs from early June.

This has been great for e-mini day traders who have better profit potential during times of high volatility.

On June 5th, I Tweeted about how I thought the markets were at a top and due for a big pullback…

Now, I'm NOT a long-term market player, nor do I make many long-term market predictions…

But I couldn't ignore all the evidence suggesting U.S. equities were primed and ready for a pullback.

When it comes to market predictions, there's usually a market pundit or TV talking head with an opinion for every single scenario you can imagine. I highly recommend reading Josh Browns, “Clash Of The Financial Pundits”. This will show you the reality about investment gurus, and how so many of them are completely biased or wrong with their predictions.

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