Bitcoin: How To Trade It For Serious Profit (Book Review & Summary)

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Main Theme

  • Bitcoin is one of the best markets for independent traders (for now)
  • An understanding of mass human psychology can lead to big profit potential trades

Key Takeaway #1 – Bitcoin Offers The Biggest Opportunity For Traders In The Past 15 Years

  • New trading arena not dominated by Wall Street firms & high-frequency trading algos
  • You can maximize your returns by thinking like a trader instead of a buy-and-hope investor

The Simplicity Of Getting Started

  • No account or trade minimums
  • Anyone can open a trading account in a few minutes
  • 3 timeframes to trade Bitcoin

Key Takeaway #2 – Mainstream media loves to hate Bitcoin

  • The media loves to trash Bitcoin when the price crashes
  • Volatility is our best friend
  • Make money faster when it crashes

Understanding The Psychology = Profits

  • The biggest trades come at emotional inflection points
  • Anticipation vs. Reaction – Two profitable types of trades

Key Takeaway #3 – Three keys to profitably trading Bitcoin

  1. Find the trend early
    -Anticipate when short-sellers would need to cover, breakout buyers enter, and people pull potential short orders
  2. Trade against the herd
    -Look for when 9/10 people are in agreement
    -When extreme moves stop, they reverse hard
  3. Only trade around MAJOR price zones
    -Forget the noise and chop
    -Look for high-probability setups, entries, and profit targets

Final Thoughts

  • Cryptocurrency trading offers unprecedented opportunity
  • Learn mass human psychology, then use TA as a tool
  • NOW is the time to trade this market!

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