Mind Hacking – How To Change Your Mind For Good In 21 Days

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Main Theme:

  • Mind hacking is about overcoming your mental limitations.
  • To master your mind is to master your life.
  • Hacking = analyzing, imagining, reprogramming

Key Takeaway #1 – You are not your mind

  • Your mind = the movie, You = watching the movie
  • Your mind plays movies of the past and future over and over.
  • Idea is to look at what your mind is thinking without getting caught up in the movie.
  • Become aware of your own mind.
  • Our minds are like dogs chasing squirrels. We can retrain our minds.
  • Think of your attention & time as the most valuable assets
  • Focus your attention on things that will serve your life
  • 2 types of attention:
    • Top-down: choose to direct
    • Bottom-up: random interruptions

Key Takeaway #2 – You can retrain your mind

  • Goal = strengthen the ability to concentrate (top-down), while weakening reflexive attention (distractions).
  • Reclaim your attention – get rid of distractions
  • Retrain your concentration – mind games
  • “Meditation” – controlling your concentration
    • Makes you happier and healthier
  • Meditation game examples – golden breath, alien blaster, third nipple

Takeaway #3 – How to reprogram your mental loops

  • Our minds are programmed with mental loops – thought habits
  • Loops can be positive or negative
  • Addiction is a loop
  • Quality of loops determines the quality of our lives:
    • Loops create thoughts
    • Thoughts create actions
    • Actions create your life
    • Fix your loops, fix your life.
  • Step 1 – Discover bad loops
  • Step 2 – Reprogram into good loops
  • How to find negative loops – 5 whys, worst-case scenario, third person perspective
  • To rebuild your mind, you need a clear vision of what you want.
  • Use imagination to create new mental loops
  • NOT magical thinking
  • Develop a clear mental picture first
  • Create visualization for: Feel, Do, Have, Give, Be
  • Rinse and repeat

Final Thoughts

  • The mind is a noisy place.
  • We can cultivate focus, and be aware of our programming through practice.
  • We can examine our thinking that causes pain or difficulty, then debug any negative loops.

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