The Obstacle Is The Way By Ryan Holiday (Book Review & Summary)

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Main Theme

  • What stands in the way,
    becomes the way.
  • Can’t control what happens to
    us – But we CAN control how
    we perceive and respond to
    what happens to us.
  • 3 keys = Perception, action,
    and will

Key Takeaway #1 – See opportunity in obstacles

  • Perception = how we decide
    what things mean to us
  • Market panic = opportunity
  • Seeing opportunity in disaster
    takes discipline and practice

Process to seeing opportunity:

-Be objective
-Control emotions
-See the good
-Steady your nerves
-Ignore what limits others
-Put things in perspective
-Revert to the now
-Focus on what can be controlled

  • “There is no good or bad without
    us, there is only perception.
    There is the event itself and the
    story we tell ourselves about
    what it means.”

Thought process…
-There’s always another move
-No reason to get upset
-Nobody said it would be easy
-Yes, stakes are high
-Path is available if you want it

  • “Look at the reality of the
    situation… steady your nerves…
    throw your best at it.”
  • Control emotion and panic
  • Realize freaking out doesn’t add
    anything constructive.

Focus on what you CAN change:

Key Takeaway #2 – Act with boldness and persistence

  • It doesn’t matter what happens to
    you, but it DOES matter what
    you DO with what happens to
  • “Turn shit into sugar.”
  • Situations suck sometimes. What
    are you going to do about it?
  • Decide that quitting is not an option
  • Mindset: never in a hurry,
    worried, desperate, stopping
  • Persist & resist.
  • It’s okay to get discouraged.
  • It’s supposed to be hard.
  • Not ok to give up.
  • Embrace failure as feedback.
  • Startup failure examples.

Traits of great entrepreneurs and investors:
-Never marry a position
-Aren’t afraid to lose money
-Never get bitter or embarrassed
-Not out of the game permanently

  • Focus on the process of finishing and performing at the best of your ability.
  • Use your obstacles’ weaknesses against it

Key Takeaway #3 – Use your will power to change or accept

  • Will = internal power
  • Take on a big task without giving
    into hopelessness
  • “Sometimes a clear head and
    action aren’t enough… we need
    a greater purpose and ability to
    handle it with firmness.”

We can always…
-Prepare for difficult times
-Accept what we can’t change
-Manage expectations

  • Success is 99% habit and
    perseverance, and only 1%
  • “Amor Fati” – love everything
    that happens
  • Accept whatever is outside of our control – love everything that happens to you

Final Thoughts

  • Success starts with your
    perception of obstacles
  • Persistent action in the face of
  • Use your will to discern what
    you can and cannot change

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