The No BS Guide For Becoming A Real Estate Millionaire

“Get rich with no money, credit, or experience!”  We've all heard the late-night infomercial guru BS that promises pie-in-the-sky dreams of getting rich with real estate.

My good friend John Fedro has mastered a segment of the real estate market that is making a small fortune for him and his students.  In fact, he's on his way to creating his first millionaire this year.  His student has created over $300,000 in wealth in less than 3 months.  John has many success stories of people making six figures a year from his strategy.

I can personally vouch for John, as he's helped me make a lot of money on a few deals.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, listen to this interview and judge for yourself…

John's Biggest Secret To Building Wealth With Real Estate

Most of John's deals are mobile homes.  That's right, he spends most of his time buying mobile homes for less than $5,000, then sells them on terms for a 400% – 500% ROI.  He's also able to do many more deals than the typical real estate investor, because he has close to ZERO competition.

I saw this guy go from being a cell phone salesman to a successful real estate investor in a short period of time.  Now he's partnering with his students all over the nation, and closing deals like a mad man!

If you're interesting in building wealth with real estate, then I highly recommend applying to work personally with John.  I hear him helping his students close deals by talking to sellers, giving advice, and literally holding their hand from start to finish.  I think this kind of mentoring is unheard of in real estate.

Why People Fail With Real Estate Investing

Since 2001 I've played a roll in over 850 real estate transactions.  I've seen the habits of super-successful real estate investors, and seen newbies struggle and waste their time.

Reason #1 – Following the advice of infomercial gurus

Seriously, most real estate gurus don't actually do real estate.  They just teach outdated strategies that aren't working in the current real estate market.  To succeed, you have to understand what deals are widely available and understand how to structure a profitable deal.  The money in real estate is made in seeing past the marketing hype, and really understanding how to get creative and put together a deal where others see nothing.

Reason #2 – Trying to compete with every other real estate investors

If you're mailing to foreclosure lists, then you're likely competing with hundreds of other hopeful investors.  However, if you know how to find huge margins in lesser known segments of the real estate market, your odds of success sky rocket.

Hear From Some Of John's Students

John's student recently turned $3,000 into $300,000 in wealth in less than 3 months:

John's on a mission to help people build wealth through real estate, the right way!  Click here to apply to become his next success story.

Brand new investor gets 6 deals in his first 4 months:


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