How To Trade & Invest In Bitcoin

I was so excited to co-host the first annual trader and investor Summit in Las Vegas…

We had over 500 live attendees, and a few hundred watching via live stream.

During the event, I gave a talk about “How to trade and invest in Bitcoin” and I wanted to give all of my followers a copy of my talk.

The feedback from this talk was really great, especially since most people still don't know the truth about Bitcoin. Like me a few years ago, most people still think Bitcoin is a pump and dump or passing fad.

But the thing that makes Bitcoin most attractive as a trading instrument is exactly what the general public is most scared about – volatility.

For example, this week we just had another incredible trade in Bitcoin. And if you've been following me for a while, you know that I post all of my Bitcoin trade ideas ahead of time, then show my BTA members when I get in and when I get out of the trade.

My latest breakout Bitcoin trade by chrisdunntv on

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