What Is “True Wealth”? (And The 27 Winners Are…)

For some people true wealth means being able to pursue their passion. For others it's having time to spend with family. And for some it means having a fast car and a big house.

As part of my Be A Lion $22,200 Giveaway, I asked my Instagram followers what “True Wealth” meant to them.

We got many great answers, and I read every one of them, twice. So thank you to everyone that took the time to comment!

You can read all of the answers here, and below is just a sample of some of the incredible answers I got back:

 For me true wealth means I can wake up and know that today I am going to do the things I love with the people I love and basicly that is it.

 True wealth to me is to live the lifestyle you want to live, give to the causes you support, help those close to you in the ways you want to, and contribute to the world in the ways that you love and enjoy doing. It means using money as the tool that makes it all possible.

 True wealth is living this incredibly short life to its fullest. No boundaries, no borders, nothing tying you down and preventing the adventure. Only a handful of people can ever experience this, and I am going to be one!

 True wealth is living a life full of purpose, a life where you reach for your dreams and never give up till you make it and even then keep pushing past the limits

 Financial freedom hard work and knowledge. I messaged a few traders about a year ago on Facebook on what to invest in and you were the only one that answered. I'm 20 years old and working my ass off for investment money this would be a true blessing to get this education to point me in the right direction in stocks/investments

Money: Just A Means To An End

As Cullen Roche says in his book Pragmatic Capitalism, “Money is a means to an end… Money is a social construct.”

In other words, money is something humans made up to make their lives easier.

It's like a ticket to a concert. You don't really want the ticket, you want the experience that the ticket gets you.

So many people spend their whole lives thinking they want money, but what they're really after is something much deeper…

  • Time to spend with their family and friends
  • Freedom to travel the world
  • Resources to pursue their passions
  • Influence to achieve big world-changing goals
  • And yes… capital to live a comfortable or luxurious life

At the end of the day it all boils down to this…

There's really the only thing that matters… Time.

If you're lucky enough to make it to old age and look back on your life, how would you have wanted to spend your time?

No matter how much money we have, time is the only asset that is finite and always depleting.

Without time, nothing else matters.

You can't buy more time. Sure, you can pay the best doctors in the world to help you stay at optimal health, but there are way too many variables to guarantee you have a certain amount of time on earth.

How To Be The Wealthiest Person You Know

In my early 20's I had a six figure income in Corporate America, but I was miserable because I had no control over my time. Spending 50+ hours a week in an office didn't make me feel wealthy even though I was making decent money.

It wasn't until I took a risk and decided to take ownership of 100% of my time that I truly felt wealthy for the first time in my life…

Since I took back control of my time I've traveled to over 100 countries, my businesses have made millions of dollars, and do what I love every single day.

Yet it's sad how many people will spend hundreds of hours sitting in rush hour traffic, watching bullshit TV programs, or working in a job they hate.

The wealthiest people I know are those that decide what, where, and how they spend the biggest percentage of their time.

There are 168 hours in a week… That's 10,080 minutes.

I encourage you to take inventory of how much of your own time you actually own.

How much of those 10,080 minutes are spent doing something that makes you feel wealthy?

Focus on controlling a larger number of those 10,080 minutes and watch your wealth grow.

And The Winners Are…

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