Why I’m Giving Away My Entire Book Library (15+ Years Worth)

big libraryAs I mentioned in the blog post “Why School Sucks”, the formal education system is severely lacking. It does a terrible job at preparing people for entrepreneurial paths, and reinforces sheepish behavior.

I barely graduated high school and dropped out of college in the first year. At first I felt like a loser, but through self-education I was able to build businesses that earned millions of dollars by my mid-20's.

Even though I hated the classroom, I was in love with reading…

I read hundreds of books around building wealth, creating profitable businesses, trading financial markets, and personal development.

Some of my favorite books include, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think & Grow Rich, Win Friends & Influence People, and many more…

Now I'm ready to give back. I want to share all the knowledge I've collected over the past 15+ years…

So every week I'm going to give away one of my books.

I've easily paid over $100,000 for all my courses, books, DVD's, and software over the years.

Now they're all yours!

Just click here to join my Book Club Community, and you'll have the chance to win a book every week or more!

How Does The Giveaway Work?

Every week I'm going to give away at least one book, training program, or DVD in my library that I've collected in the past 15 years. My library has education on entrepreneurship, trading, investing, sales, marketing, economics, mindset, skill development, real estate investing, startup, finance, and more. To be eligible to win one of the weekly giveaways, click here to Join My Book Club Giveaway.

Then, connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram where I'll announce what I'm giving away that week and the winners from the previous week.

Increase your chances of winning by leaving me a comment on one of my videos or pictures explaining: why you're motivated, how you plan on building wealth, and what I can do to help you succeed.

Good luck!

About The Author

Chris Dunn is the founder of Skill Incubator. He is an active investor and entrepreneur with the mission of helping people learn Skills to thrive in today's economy. Chris spends his time testing and building multiple streams of income and investing the profits. Read more here.