Bitcoin to $100k? And Virus Fears In The Markets (WTM 005)

Today we take a look at Chris’s recent Twitter survey where he asked, “What would you do if Bitcoin hit $100,000?”

The team also looks at how a coronavirus pandemic could affect the markets, and which international ETFs look interesting right now. 

In Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Where would people hold their assets if Bitcoin hit $100,000?
  • How could a coronavirus outbreak affect the markets?
  • How have past epidemics caused market crashes in the past?
  • What’s the difference between foreign, emerging, and frontier markets?
  • Which international ETFs look most interesting right now?

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Chris Dunn is the founder of Skill Incubator. He is an active investor and entrepreneur with the mission of helping people learn Skills to thrive in today's economy. Chris spends his time testing and building multiple streams of income and investing the profits. Read more here.